What is alcohol abuse disorder and what is the treatment?

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Abstract Two motives for alcohol consumption have been emphasized in the etiological and the reasons-for-drinking literature: a people drink alcohol to cope with stress, and b people drink alcohol because of social influences. This study examined the interactional effects of reasons for drinking alcohol and situational factors on alcohol consumption. Standardized telephone interviews were conducted with randomly selected Michigan drinkers. Similarities and differences in the results for women, men, Blacks, and Whites are described. A number of different motives for drinking alcohol have been examined, including drinking to enhance sociability, to increase power, to escape problems, to get drunk, for enjoyment, or for ritualistic reasons. Despite this diversity, most research has focused on two broad categories of motivation. Cahalan et al.

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Complications of this condition may include recall loss, confusion, mental health issues, after that problems with work or home animation. However, a person who has been consuming unhealthy amounts of alcohol designed for a long time is likely en route for become sedated when they drink. This is because alcohol depresses the anxious system. Heavy binge drinking could advance to a coma. Eventually, regular arduous drinking may cause at least individual of the following problems: Fatigue: The person feels tired most of the time.

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