Full Pundit: The Charter of Quebec Values — 'Kafka meet Monty Python'

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Quebec may be the first in Canada, and in North America, to be a burden a tax on the unvaccinated, at the same time as it announced plans to do Tuesday, but it's far from the at the outset in the world. Several countries allow imposed cash penalties on those who refuse a vaccine, and major companies are also increasingly slapping unvaccinated workers with financial consequences. Some of the penalties are very high, especially all the rage Austria, whose government in November became the first in Europe to broadcast it would create a tax. Has Austria's plan worked? It's too almost immediately to say, since it won't activate until February. Prior to announcing the tax, Austria had tried a approach of saying that only the unvaccinated would be subject to lockdown measures. Shortly after it changed course, Greece made a similar announcement, though designed for a smaller group and with a lighter price. In that country the measure only applies to unvaccinated ancestor over

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