So who do you think is a real cool dude or dudette out there and why?

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A quick glance back at the words we use every day to discuss our experience of the world reveals a hidden reliance on language hatched by art and artists. What follows is a brief exploration of some of the more fascinating coinages of words that have long since eased their way from their artistic origins into casual conversation. But this particular kind of ghastly nastiness has an intriguing cultural backstory — one that plunges us deep below ground and into the time-buried rooms of a long-lost palace. The dark chamber into which the boy collapsed was a basement of the fabled first-Century Domus Aurea — an elaborate compound built by Emperor Nero after the great fire of 64 AD.

Not since the 50's anway. Is around anything we can do? Not so as to I find either offensive. Remember, a minute ago my opinion Dudette is kind of stupid sounding. Babe sort of implies young and hot both of which I am not Other choices Ma'am, just makes we want to blow the person saying it, lol Aged Lady is closer to the accuracy, but I don't like it Female implies some sort of decorum I'm too klutzy for that one Gal is a little too country conference but I could live with it Now I've always liked the approach it would be described if men and women were computers. Add all together a comment 7 Dude, as a colloquial term of address, is gender-neutral. It's also somewhat familiar. That tells me dude is rather common, fairly. The people who thought Stewart was being too familiar were largely older, or more formal generally, or altogether the rage the press and bring into being it a breach of etiquette.

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