The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists

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Open in a separate window Based upon recommendations of the Community Advisory Committee CACwe recruited a demographically and behaviorally diverse group by utilizing a comprehensive sampling strategy including clinic-based, Internet-based, and participant-referral methods. Our sampling plan allowed the research team to recruit a diverse sample, including men who otherwise would have been difficult to reach. An initial sample was recruited from patients seeking STD testing at a community-based clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana. This clinic was selected because of recent findings pointing to a significantly high level of self-reported bisexual behavior among patients. Several different social and sexual networking sites were used to recruit a diverse sample of men e. Those participants who agreed to recruit others for the study were given three to five postcards to distribute to possible participants within their social networks.

Ajar in a separate window aIncludes individual participant who stated that he was negative. Personal identifiers were not built-in in the demographic survey. Approximately half of the participants were bisexual, defined here as self-reporting sex with equally male and female partners in the prior 12 months. Thirteen percent reported sex with male-to-female transgender partners. All focus group session lasted minutes, was audiotaped, and transcribed verbatim. Verbal clued-up consent was obtained using IRB-approved procedures. Once informed consent was obtained, nametags were distributed, whereby participants were at no cost to print a pseudonym or their real first names. After completing the group, participants were asked to absolute a short demographic survey. Questions explored: 1 the influences and motivators of sexual and general health-seeking behaviors, 2 condom use behaviors and attitudes, 3 nuances and techniques for describing same-sex behaviors and identities, 4 race after that gender expectations of African American men, 5 drug and alcohol use, 6 experiences of being HIV-infected or uninfected, and 7 ideal strategies for appealing African American men in HIV risk-reduction programs.

Kort offers workshops for couples and singles, and he runs various therapy groups for men who are struggling along with sexual issues. He speaks and conducts workshops internationally, maintains and contributes en route for various blogs and online outlets, after that writes newspaper and magazine articles. Alexander P. Morgan, PhD, is a scientist and writer. Kenneth Adams. He has published more than fifty professional articles. For decades, husbands and wives allow faced the social tendency to bring into disrepute, fear, and denounce husbands who allow sex with men. Kort and Morgan's book offers a compassionate and accept view that is grounded in art and clinical practice, rather than alarm.

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