5 Reasons Why Wheelchair Marathons are Fun and Important

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The ADA is meant to eliminate discrimination and protect the rights of all children. Play is a vital part of development: Play is an essential component of childhood development for all kids. At the playground, kids can use equipment that helps them develop and improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, balance and physical strength. It also promotes the development of social skills as kids freely interact with each other, learn to take turns and practice teamwork skills. Whether a child uses a wheelchair or not, a playground promotes health and well-being. Inclusive play encourages tolerance: Inclusive playgrounds encourage able-bodied children and kids with disabilities to play together. As kids play, they learn to appreciate and accept each other, despite their differences and similarities.

At the same time as a traveler with disabilities, I wasn't sure that others with mobility issues would enjoy traveling with a big group of people using wheelchairs before scooters. Boy, was I wrong! It was the encouragement of my clients and peers who convinced me en route for undertake this task. Overwhelming Interest all the rage Group Travel from the Disability Area It all started at an Amputee Coalition Conference a few years back when I was approached by individual member to put together a coast for amputees. This was quickly followed by a request to do a cruise for young adults with spina bifida. Both cruises were huge successes and were followed by repeat events. We are now doing our groups for anyone with mobility disabilities, their families and friends regardless of brand of disability. I believe our accomplishment is a result of the direct bond that is formed among those of us who travel a a small amount differently and perhaps a little slower.

Aqua Golf Aqua golf! And more! Apparently, not all of these sports are indoor activities, but enough of them are that we decided to catalogue it in this section. If you want to join a league after that take your game to the after that level, get in touch with the American Wheelchair Bowling Association. They congregation nearly a dozen tournaments every day all over the country, giving you not only an opportunity to cabinet your skills, but also to go. The list below is hardly across-the-board but was meant primarily as a starting point to get your attend to turning on the subject.

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