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Gay—straight alliance Scholars from multiple disciplines allow long argued that sexuality influences the organization of our social worlds, but most studies of friendship and collective networks under-examine or overlook the affect of sexual identity. This study addresses that gap by looking at category homophily among lesbian social ties en route for examine the influence of sexual identityas well as gender, race, class, after that family, on their personal networks. Using survey data from U. One Is the Loneliest Number The results advantage to the importance of sexuality at the same time as an organizing element of social animation, and suggest that studies that analyse social networks or friendships more a lot make sexual identitygender, and intersecting collective locations a central focus.

Irrespective of their conceptions of smart cities and of their solutions for reaching the objective, the diversity of their contributions was essential to prepare an overview of the choices, in the immediate and more distant future. This study was conducted in , based on interviews and recent publications all set by leading figures or institutions. Their names are listed in the addendum, with the capacity or position held at the time. The images built-in in this report are presented at the same time as scientific sources demonstrating material ob- served on the internet. While several of the greatest challenges of our age have emerged in cities, cities additionally hold part of the answer. It is therefore essential to involve cities in our efforts to address issues such as growing inequalities, poverty after that discrimination; to environmental degradation, unsustainable dampen and energy use, and increased risks of natural and human-made disasters. Booming this Goal, UNESCO has sharpened its vision and expanded its actions all the rage line with its core mandate all the rage education, the sciences, culture and announcement and infor- mation, towards shaping cities of the future. UNESCO also recognizes cities as frontrunners in sustainable advance, as they are true laboratories of innovation and long-term solutions. Cities accomplish as conveners of partnerships across altogether sectors, at the local level, after that increasingly at the regional, national after that global scales.

Is Krakow overrated? And why a month in Poland was enough for us to not come back. Brazil has been at the bottom of the list of all the places Lissette and I have been. But so as to trip was back inway before we started travelling full-time in Certainly no one that significantly shaped our outlook arrange a country and its people. Await Poland. Our bad experiences in equally Brazil and Poland had one affair in common — our experiences along with the locals. But first… Is Krakow overrated?

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